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Diaper Lover Phone Sex

lola0002 Diaper Lover Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. It seems that there is a much larger contingent of diaper fetish phone sex lovers than most people would ever imagine. *Smiles* I am perfectly all right with this, however, because I love to put naughty boys in diapers for fun.

Yes, darlings, I talk to many of you on a regular basis. Your favorite phone sex Mommy just loves your calls. I like when you tell me that you love to wear diapers, for whatever reason. It makes me smile.

Perhaps you like to wear diapers because of the sense of security they give you. Is it a form of being nurtured by Mommy to you, even when Mommy isn’t physically present?

Or do you just have a thing for humiliation? Do you get off on being dressed in diapers or other humiliating articles of clothing? That can be very exciting, too, you know. I enjoy putting little humiliation sluts like you into compromising and embarrassing situations. *Laughs*

I especially like it, darlings, when you call this mature phone sex Mommy already wearing your diaper. I don’t care if it’s cloth or disposable. Either one is fine with me. I just like knowing that you’ve already gotten dressed for Mommy. It’s a very nice feeling indeed, and it makes me feel so special.

Call Mommy Vivika for cheap phone sex right now, darling.


Spanking Fetish Phone Sex

Spanking fetish phone sex ain’t just for the adult baby diaper lover crowd. Darling, ain’t you got something on your chest that is just so humiliating that you have just gots to tell your phone sex mommy all about it.
MorganTItty 216x300 Spanking Fetish Phone Sex
I knows you have done some taboo phone sex roleplays with your babysitter phone sex girl, an’ you knows how much I want to be in control. Ain’t no one but your taboo phone sex mommy should be even looking at your private parts.

When you been a bad boy, you need to be punished like an abie. Over my knee, bare bottom and my bare hand. I knows some of you spanking fetish boys need to know that I mean business, I ain’t foolin ’round, I am here to punish you, if that means a sever spanking fetish, then so be it. I don’t has to use my hand, I can use the spanking fetish paddle, a flip-flop, a shoe or what my Gran used to use, a wooden spatula.

Be bad, be very very bad and I will punish with spanking phone sex.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
Mommy Phone Sex

Babysitter Phone Sex

ParkerHoodie 2 Babysitter Phone Sex

Hey there to all my babysitter phone sex lovers! And, boy, are there lots of you. *Giggles*

Well, you can’t really blame all my babysitter roleplay fans, now can you? It’s SUCH a fun fetish, really! It encompasses so many things, you know. icon wink Babysitter Phone Sex

Like, there’s the adult baby fetish, for one. Abies are soooo cute! Plus, it’s way fun to take care of them and change their diapers and stuff.

The ABDL thing is tons of fun. I love to babysit the sweet little boys who love their babysitter!

But that’s not to say I don’t know how to deal with the naughty little boys, either! *Giggles*

It’s not just the little boys who like Babysitter Parker, either. The Dads seem to like her a lot, too. I really like older men, so I think it’s really hot when, after the kids go to bed, Dad comes home to have his fun with the babysitter. *Winks*

I really can’t wait to do this awesome phone sex roleplay with you! So don’t wait any longer. Pick up your phone and give me, Parker, a call at 1-888-662-6482. It’s going to be soooo much fun!


Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

 Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

Hey, babies, how y’all doing?

Well, I gotta say, I’ve been sitting here thinking about humiliation. Not for me, for you. I know y’all say ain’t into it, but I know how y’all like a li’l gentle embarrassment to spice up your fantasies.

Anyway, I like to try to come up with some new ideas for humiliation phone sex. Not that my other ideas are bad or anything, but I like to keep it fresh, you know, ’cause that’s how I roll.

So what I was thinking for y’all li’l white boys out there is some diaper humiliation. If you gonna have a baby cock, I’ma dress you up like a baby, too, haha.

I don’t really know how humiliated you’ll be, though. A bunch of y’all li’l boys with the tiny dicks have the diaper fetish, anyway. I guess y’all trying to beat me at my own game or something. Look at you, thinking you slick or something.

Either way, I still think it’d be awful funny to watch a li’l bitch like you running around in some diapers. What you need to do is pick up your phone and call Mz Diamond, your black MILF phone sex girl, at 1-888-662-6482.

Diaper Lover Phone Sex

lola0103 682x1024 Diaper Lover Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. As a phone sex Mommy, I get a lot of calls for men who have a diaper fetish, as you can imagine.

This, however, is a very good thing, as I am very much a diaper lover, though I do not wear them myself. I do love to see them on gentlemen such as yourself.

I also love your diaper lover phone sex calls. I had a lovely one the other day with T.

He had a very taboo phone sex fantasy in mind. Of course, Mommy Vivika loves all taboos, so we had a marvelous time together. So taboo and marvelous was our time together, in fact, that I can’t even talk about how naughty it was here!

It seems T. likes to wear diapers quite a bit. He also likes to make a bit of a mess in them. Those dirty diapers turn him on so much, as do the kinky, naughty fantasies he has when he masturbates in his diapers.

So, my darlings, if you, like T. have some kinky fantasies you would like to share with Mommy Vivika, then call me. 1-888-662-6482 is the number for cheap phone sex with me. I can hardly wait to hear from you.


Adult Baby Phone Sex

lola0104 682x1024 Adult Baby Phone Sex

Hello, darling boys. Your favorite phone sex Mommy has a bedtime story for you.

I ran into an old friend today. This gentleman and I enjoyed many exciting times together several years ago. It seems, however, that he has discovered a new fetish that makes him very happy indeed. And I must admit that the knowledge brought quite a smile to my face as well.

My old friend is very into the adult baby fetish now.

We talked for a bit, and I got his number. I intend to call him later in the week. Perhaps we can get together soon for a bit of fun, as I would certainly love a nice little abie to play with now and again.

Mmm, I must go check on my supply of diapers.

Naturally, AB/DL thoughts are heavily on my mind at the moment. Mommy Vivika would love to speak with some of you boys tonight.

Call me at 1-888-662-6482 for adult baby phone sex with Mommy Vivika. I look forward to hearing from you, darling.


Mommy Phone Sex

lola0003 Mommy Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. Mommy Vivika, your beautiful phone sex Mommy, is ready for a nice relaxing weekend with her favorite boys.

Of course, I assume you all know that Mommy Vivika is absolutely an anything goes phone sex Mommy. Naturally, that means that I adore all your taboo phone sex calls.

Mommy Vivika knows what you need.

You don’t need a generic Mother figure to roleplay woodenly with you. You need your Mommy. Oh, darling, you desire the soft, yet strong, touch of Mommy’s hand, guiding you, molding you, teaching you. And I am just the right lady to do it.

Mommy Vivika can change your diaper, of course, but her guidance is more likely to change your life.

Call me, darling, at 1-888-662-6482 for cheap phone sex.


Babysitter Phone Sex

parker white Babysitter Phone Sex

This naughty roleplaying phone sex girl just loves to hear all your kinky little fantasies! Today, I had a naughty little boy call me to tell me all about his. *Giggles*

This particular naughty little boy was into babysitter phone sex, which is ALWAYS one of my faves!

Our little taboo roleplay began with me walking in on him playing with himself. Naturally, being his responsible babysitter, I told him to stop. But he was such a naughty boy that he refused to listen to me!

That, of course, meant that he had to be punished! So I pulled his diaper down and jerked his little butt up over my lap for the spanking he deserved. It wasn’t much of a punishment, though, because his dickie stayed hard throughout the whole thing!

So I decided what he really needed was some humiliation instead!

We had some more fun after that, but if you want to hear about it, you’re going to have to give me a call! 1-888-662-6482 gets you cheap phone sex with Parker, your favorite babysitter!

AIM: prettyparker69

Spanking Phone Sex

lola0005 Spanking Phone Sex

As my experience as a phone sex Mommy has taught me, little boys need two things. Those two things are nurturing and discipline.

I love your Mommy fantasies because they allow me to do one of the things I truly excel at–teaching. Most of the time, boys want to do exactly as Mommy tells them because they know it pleases Mommy. On the rare occasion that such boys feel contrary, I find that spanking is a good way to re-establish boundaries.

Perhaps I enjoy spanking phone sex more than I should. I know some Mommies tell their little boys things like “This hurts me more than it hurts you,” but I am afraid that does not hold true for me.

An over-the-knee spanking lets a little boy feel Mommy’s power. And there is absolutely nothing Mommy Vivika loves more than being in control of her little boy. Domination via hand spanking, belts, or hairbrushes is what little boys like you need.

Little boys, I invite you to give Mommy Vivika a call now at 1-888-662-6482 for cheap phone sex. I know exactly the kind of care you need.


Taboo Mommy Phone Sex

Mommy phone sex is just one of the many and fun kinky pleasures that I offer to you my darling.
Cuddling up into my large body.
That’s a good boy. No matter what how naughty you want to be with mommy it is fine by me.
Taboo mommy phone sex with a BBW Phone Sex woman is something of a treat for a young abie.
peachymorgan 198x300 Taboo Mommy Phone Sex
Treat yourself darling to some large loving.

Mama Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf

Enema Fetish Phone Sex

slutmamamorgan 198x300 Enema Fetish Phone Sex

Hello abies,
Mama Morgan is here for your Mommy Phone Sex needs. Now I know my sweet ab/dl do not want to grow up, HOWEVER, there does come a time in a young abies life where self discipline comes into effect. Now by this I mean a little punishment. I refuse to put you on the naughty step like that nanny does on television. What my intentions are is to give you something that you will never forget. Yes sometimes that does mean that Mama must do things for her abie boy that he does not like, but you know its for your own good sweet abie.
Sometimes Mama needs to use a clyster to teach you a lesson, some of you may refer to this as an enema. Good boys listen to Mama, but bad abies just do not seem to understand the importance of learning a good lesson and that is where enema fetish phone sex works. Some boys play with themselves too much, and adult babies do not understand how or what they are doing, that is when Mama Morgan helps you with that, learning not to touch yourself, learning some control little one. Especially if you have eaten to many sweets my sweety, you have a tummy ache, you might sit in your wet and dirty diaper for a little bit too, but it is for your own good, you need to learn a lesson, and it hurts your Mommy to do this, but it is for your own good.
I know you think I am too mean my sweet little diaper lover, but darling it is for the best.

Mama Morgan