Adult Baby Phone Sex

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milfbreasts74 Adult Baby Phone Sex

Adult Baby Johnny loves when he gets to spend some special time with his phone sex mommy. Usually he calls his phone mommy just before bed for he loves the way I tuck him in. He jumps in the bath and mommy reminds him of all the places he needs to clean. Especially ensuring my adult baby cleans behind the ears. Then once he is all washed, dry, powdered and dressed for bed. Its snuggle with mommy time. Getting to curl up on his phone mommy‘s lap his head nestled on my big breasts as my arms wrap around him to read him a good night story.

I enjoy our evening routine as much as Johnny does.

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Dirty Diaper Phone Sex


IMG 67732 200x300 Dirty Diaper Phone Sex

Felicity here, your naughty babe from across the pond. I’ve had some of THE hottest phone sex calls working here!

I absolutely adore listening to your tantalizing taboo phone sex fantasies, as you get me so hot I have to play with my wet lil’ cunny. So lovers, I’ve got a phonesex fantasy for you!  Can you make it happen?? I’m feeling quite Dominant, and I want to be the Boss tonight! As I order you to strip and kneel for me, I want to hear you say “Yes Miss Felicity”… Perhaps I’ll have you play with My panties, Maybe if you’re good.. I’ll have you suck on a Big Black Cock, I just might make you worship my boots.. but mostly I want to make you wank!!!  That’s right boytoy, you touch your cock for Me when I tell you to!!

I love Small cock humiliation phonesex I want you to be My little forced masturbation phone sex wanker, as this naughty brit rubs ‘er clit…. Are you on ready for me baby? You know what to do!!

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Ask for Felicity

thenaughtybrit@ yahoo/AIM

Bye Luvers!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO ~~~~Felicity

Hot Coed Babysitter Phonesex

image01 195x300 Hot Coed Babysitter Phonesex

Hi my lil abies and diaper lovers. I know mommy’s away but your sweet coed babysitter Sarah is here to change your diapers and take care of you in our AB/DL phonesex fantasy.

I love letting out my sweet nurturing side with you little abie while mommy’s away. You know you get to have all the fun with your sweet coed babysitter! We can have diaper fetish phonesex fun and I can play games and let you stay up late and tuck my adult baby into bed.

I love anything goes roleplays, so don’t be afraid to call coed phonesex babysitter Sarah for some AB/DL phonesex fun!

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Diaper Lover Phone Sex

lola0002 Diaper Lover Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. It seems that there is a much larger contingent of diaper fetish phone sex lovers than most people would ever imagine. *Smiles* I am perfectly all right with this, however, because I love to put naughty boys in diapers for fun.

Yes, darlings, I talk to many of you on a regular basis. Your favorite phone sex Mommy just loves your calls. I like when you tell me that you love to wear diapers, for whatever reason. It makes me smile.

Perhaps you like to wear diapers because of the sense of security they give you. Is it a form of being nurtured by Mommy to you, even when Mommy isn’t physically present?

Or do you just have a thing for humiliation? Do you get off on being dressed in diapers or other humiliating articles of clothing? That can be very exciting, too, you know. I enjoy putting little humiliation sluts like you into compromising and embarrassing situations. *Laughs*

I especially like it, darlings, when you call this mature phone sex Mommy already wearing your diaper. I don’t care if it’s cloth or disposable. Either one is fine with me. I just like knowing that you’ve already gotten dressed for Mommy. It’s a very nice feeling indeed, and it makes me feel so special.

Call Mommy Vivika for cheap phone sex right now, darling.


I can think of a whole slew of situations that would get you stay in diapers. Say for instance Mommy fixes your favorite big sippy cup full of juice right before getting in the car. Usually I would take you to the potty because I am loving and nurturing before we go, but Mommy is in such a hurry and running late already!A couple miles down the road you beg me to stop, but I pretend I don’t hear you and keep driving. It would be the perfect set up situation for you to not be able to control your tiny little bladder when Mommy hits a few bumps in the road! My sweet abie will be wet and squirmy in his diaper in no time and beg Mommy Marla to change his nasty diaper! The question is what happens next? Are you punished with a spanking?Or do I take you inside the store and scold you loudly humiliating you about what a big sissy baby you are. Mommy phone sex and diaper training for my sweet abies. Ask for phone sex mommy Marla. Call 1-888-662-6482

Mar 678x1024

Spanking Fetish Phone Sex

Spanking fetish phone sex ain’t just for the adult baby diaper lover crowd. Darling, ain’t you got something on your chest that is just so humiliating that you have just gots to tell your phone sex mommy all about it.
MorganTItty 216x300 Spanking Fetish Phone Sex
I knows you have done some taboo phone sex roleplays with your babysitter phone sex girl, an’ you knows how much I want to be in control. Ain’t no one but your taboo phone sex mommy should be even looking at your private parts.

When you been a bad boy, you need to be punished like an abie. Over my knee, bare bottom and my bare hand. I knows some of you spanking fetish boys need to know that I mean business, I ain’t foolin ’round, I am here to punish you, if that means a sever spanking fetish, then so be it. I don’t has to use my hand, I can use the spanking fetish paddle, a flip-flop, a shoe or what my Gran used to use, a wooden spatula.

Be bad, be very very bad and I will punish with spanking phone sex.

Morgan 1-888-662-6482
Mommy Phone Sex

Taboo Mommy Phone Sex

You ever wonder why people always say, “Mommy Knows Best”? Darling for the most part it is because we have been in your shoes before.
CurvyMorgan 300x201 Taboo Mommy Phone Sex
We know what it feels like to be loved, and we know how to give love.
A Phone Sex Mommy knows all about that special love, a taboo love that many cannot understand. Darling diaper lover, I know you understand!

Baaaaaby, I love spending time with you and your sissy training ways.
You need a helping hand learning how to wear your pretty hair, I can help you with that.
You want to learn how to walk and swing your hips like a slut?
Sissy, what you need is a taboo phone sex mommy. I am the sort of mature phone sex woman who knows all the ropes, and I am going to teach you all of them!

Morgan 1-888-662-482

Babysitter Phone Sex

ParkerHoodie 2 Babysitter Phone Sex

Hey there to all my babysitter phone sex lovers! And, boy, are there lots of you. *Giggles*

Well, you can’t really blame all my babysitter roleplay fans, now can you? It’s SUCH a fun fetish, really! It encompasses so many things, you know. icon wink Babysitter Phone Sex

Like, there’s the adult baby fetish, for one. Abies are soooo cute! Plus, it’s way fun to take care of them and change their diapers and stuff.

The ABDL thing is tons of fun. I love to babysit the sweet little boys who love their babysitter!

But that’s not to say I don’t know how to deal with the naughty little boys, either! *Giggles*

It’s not just the little boys who like Babysitter Parker, either. The Dads seem to like her a lot, too. I really like older men, so I think it’s really hot when, after the kids go to bed, Dad comes home to have his fun with the babysitter. *Winks*

I really can’t wait to do this awesome phone sex roleplay with you! So don’t wait any longer. Pick up your phone and give me, Parker, a call at 1-888-662-6482. It’s going to be soooo much fun!


Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

 Diaper Fetish Phone Sex

Hey, babies, how y’all doing?

Well, I gotta say, I’ve been sitting here thinking about humiliation. Not for me, for you. I know y’all say ain’t into it, but I know how y’all like a li’l gentle embarrassment to spice up your fantasies.

Anyway, I like to try to come up with some new ideas for humiliation phone sex. Not that my other ideas are bad or anything, but I like to keep it fresh, you know, ’cause that’s how I roll.

So what I was thinking for y’all li’l white boys out there is some diaper humiliation. If you gonna have a baby cock, I’ma dress you up like a baby, too, haha.

I don’t really know how humiliated you’ll be, though. A bunch of y’all li’l boys with the tiny dicks have the diaper fetish, anyway. I guess y’all trying to beat me at my own game or something. Look at you, thinking you slick or something.

Either way, I still think it’d be awful funny to watch a li’l bitch like you running around in some diapers. What you need to do is pick up your phone and call Mz Diamond, your black MILF phone sex girl, at 1-888-662-6482.

Mommy Phone Sex

MILF VIVIKA Mommy Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. I know you often wonder what kinds of fantasies I have myself, outside of phone sex. I have one that has remained with me for several days, so I thought I would share it with you.

It goes something like this….

Oh, my goodness, you naughty boy! What are you doing? No, don’t try to hide it. I see exactly what you’re doing. I’ve caught you masturbating on Mommy’s bed!

What a naughty little boy you are. I know you’re just discovering how good it feels to play with your little cock, but Mommy has already told you that you can only do that in appropriate places. Mommy’s bed is definitely not an appropriate place.

I think you’re going to need a spanking to make sure this behavior doesn’t happen again. Obviously, my warnings have not been enough for you. You need some real consequences.

Oh, you dirty boy, your little cock is still hard after your little butt has been spanked. Whatever will I do with you now?

Yes, Mommy is for sure a phone sex MILF, and that’s why your little cock is so hard for her. Well, perhaps you should come here and let Mommy teach you a few things about sex if you’re going to think about it all the time, anyway….

Since you obviously do.

Oh, yes, darling a Mommy phone sex fantasy sounds quite lovely indeed. What do you think?

It’s time for you to pick up your phone and call Mommy Vivika at 1-888-662-6482 for fetish phone sex with your favorite naughty Mommy.


Black Mama Phone Sex

Diamond Pink Black Mama Phone Sex

Hey, babies, how y’all doing? Or maybe I oughta say “adult baby,” haha.

I spent a lot time this Christmas with my family. And I tell you what, one thing about this ebony phone sex girl’s family, and probably all black families, is that there’s always a whole bunch of kids running around.

So even though they didn’t belong to me, Mz Diamond spent a whole lot of the holiday changing some babies’ diapers.

And because I’m nothing if I ain’t a damn pervert, my mind kept drifting back to all them AB/DL phone sex calls I’ve done with all y’all. Oh, yeah, I can’t stop thinking about ‘em.

I know y’all li’l abies sure do love you some Mommy phone sex. But what’s even better than any ol’ Mommy is a strong black Mama like Mama Diamond, baby, who knows how to take care of you.

I can change your diaper in a way you’ll love if you’re a good boy, but I can make it very, very difficult if you’re not. I can give you a spanking or even an enema if you’re real bad, haha. I know how to make your punishment not be fun at all.

But in addition to being strict, I can also be very loving. I know my baby just wanna rest his head on my big ol’ titties and go to sleep there. I’ll change your diaper and rock you to sleep during our adult baby phone sex call, if you’re a good little boy.

So why don’t you just go ahead on and pick up the phone and call me at 1-888-662-6482 for some black Mama phone sex with Mama Diamond?

Sensual Mommy Phone Sex

hi there cheap phone sex diaper lovers!
lucyb 232x300 Sensual Mommy Phone Sex
one of my favorite things to do in a mommy phone sex roleplay is take a bath with my adult baby. i love getting all sudsy and making bubble bath bubbles spill and splash. and after i bathe my sweety abbie, its play time in the tub. we have all sorts of toys in the tub, rubber duckies, soap crayons and some special waterproof battery operated toys that make the water bubble up.

once we exit the tub i put baby oil and baby lotion all over both of our naked bodies. my sweet abie loves to wear his pretty rubber panties over her pretty pink diapers. they are soft and have pink flowers all over the crinkly diaper. i cant keep my hands off my pretty sissy baby. fixing her hair, making sure his lace trimmed socks are on so i can slide on some pretty little black patent leather maryjane with the shiny silver buckle. everything i dress you in has the faint scent of lavender and roses.

sweety, all i want you to be is the softest and prettiest little sissy baby!

Sensual Phone Sex

Mammy Roleplay with Anubia!

mluvamat004 197x300 Mammy Roleplay with Anubia!

HEY Baby Boo!!

It’s Mammy Anubia! Now Listen very carefully, because mammy Anubia has something special to tell all you big boys and babies about today!! I’m going to teach you how to play with a BRAND new pacifier!! It’s called a big black cock!

Want to feel my thick big black cock strap on in your mouth, lil one? I know it feels really good, and if you suck on it just right it will give you LOTS of warm milk !!!! You’ll never be hungry again!!

Fact of the matter is, black women know how to do it right, I see you starin at me, wondering how i fit those horse sized dicks down my throat like it ain’t nothin at all shug!! I’ll tell you all my secrets when you call me for some hot phone sex. I can’t wait to do forced cocksucking roleplays with you, I want to watch my little baby get ALL the milk out of that big black cock!!



888 662 6482

Diaper Lover Phone Sex

lola0103 682x1024 Diaper Lover Phone Sex

Hello, darlings. As a phone sex Mommy, I get a lot of calls for men who have a diaper fetish, as you can imagine.

This, however, is a very good thing, as I am very much a diaper lover, though I do not wear them myself. I do love to see them on gentlemen such as yourself.

I also love your diaper lover phone sex calls. I had a lovely one the other day with T.

He had a very taboo phone sex fantasy in mind. Of course, Mommy Vivika loves all taboos, so we had a marvelous time together. So taboo and marvelous was our time together, in fact, that I can’t even talk about how naughty it was here!

It seems T. likes to wear diapers quite a bit. He also likes to make a bit of a mess in them. Those dirty diapers turn him on so much, as do the kinky, naughty fantasies he has when he masturbates in his diapers.

So, my darlings, if you, like T. have some kinky fantasies you would like to share with Mommy Vivika, then call me. 1-888-662-6482 is the number for cheap phone sex with me. I can hardly wait to hear from you.


Diaper Lover Phone Sex

Darlings, it takes an experienced mature phone sex woman to really understand the nuances of what it means for you to be in a diaper fetish scenario.

So many of my little darlings just can not get over how someone as thick and voluptuous as I am is able to grab hold of you white pampered bottom.
PeachyMorgan 198x300 Diaper Lover Phone Sex
How many of adult baby boys love to snuggle with a larger woman. A BBW phone sex mommy is what you need. Large and in charge of my little darling, making sure he is dry and taken care of, oh my sweet little darling.

Sweet Diaper Lover, give your Mama a call, I will wrap you up so tight and snug, you will not be able to move. Kisses sweet little darling ab/dl.

Mama Morgan 1-888-662-6482
AIM and YIM: MorganMilf